We care about your privacy. Here is how we use your data:

Internet Access

  • Although software works offline without for normal operations but it still needs internet connection for accessing certain features.
  • We require Internet access for managing E-way Bills, online GSTIN Validation, fetching Distance between Pin codes, Online Reports etc.
  • Software Licensing is also managed over internet.
  • Internet is required for sending automated Emails and SMS for PDF invoices.
  • All Software Updates are provided over internet only.

Google user data

  • We need user’s Gmail Authentication only for the purpose of sending automated and quick personalized emails with PDF attachment such as sale invoices, reports etc.
  • Your google authentication information will be stored in your local storage and no where else for quickly sending emails.
  • This data will not be shared or stored on any of our servers or to others.

Software data

  • All your software backups are automatically stored in local storage of your computer. Its your responsibility to keep it safe for future.

Personal data

  • We store your name, mobile number, address and such other personal information on our servers for managing user registrations and licensing.

We assure you that none of your data is shared anywhere else and it is safe and secured.